How Much Does Solar Installation Cost in Connecticut

Have you been considering installing solar panels on your home? If so, we’ve got the information that can help make it easier for you.

Take a look at our guide to find out more about solar installation costs and prices in Connecticut. Use our free tool to compare prices near you.

Solar Installation Cost Calculator

Homeowners in Connecticut can save big on their energy bills by going solar. You’ll see how much money you could potentially free up each year if this is something your home needs, plus tips for making sure it goes smoothly from start to finish. For those considering solar installation in the area, expect to invest $10,304 – $15,223 for smaller homes and up to $21,307 – $52,204 if your home is larger with higher kilowatts requirements.

Solar Efficiency Rates & Cost/kW

Panel Type *Avg. Cost/kW – per watt Efficiency Approx. Life – Expectancy
Polycrystalline $0.74-$1.08 14%-22% 25 years
Monocrystalline $1.15-$1.49 16%-25% 32 years
Thin-Film $1.04-$1.53 7%-15% 16 years
*National average cost by type and kW

Cost by Panel Size

Solar Panel Sizes      Avg Solar Cost in Connecticut
2 kW      $5,853
3 kW      $9,005
4 kW      $12,130
5 kW      $14,789
6 kW      $18,525
7 kW      $21,192
8 kW      $24,497

Find the Best Solar Companies in Connecticut

If you are looking for the best solar companies in the state then check out our top pics from one of the links below.

Top Solar Companies in Connecticut: Bridgeport, CT; Stamford, CT; New Haven, CT; Mobile, AL; Hartford, CT

How Much Can Solar Save You?

You may be surprised by how much money you can save with solar power. The amount will depend on your home size and other factors but the benefits are worth it.

On average you can typically save upwards of $1,800 on your electricity bill annually.

Pros of Solar Panels

  •  Energy bills reduce and eliminate
  • Reduce your carbon footprintSolar Installation Cost In Lexington, KY
  • Increase property value
  • Earn your investment back
  • More consistent energy supply
  • See More Pros and Cons

Cons of Solar Panels

  • Installation expense
  • Not all roofs work
  • Night electricity needs


800 Sq Ft

1000 Sq Ft

1500 Sq Ft

2000 Sq Ft

2200 Sq Ft

3000 Sq Ft

The Weather in Connecticut Has an Impact on Solar

The weather in Connecticut can be quite different depending on where you are. The north has cold winters with moderate snowfall and hot summers, while the south experiences more of a humid subtropical climate that includes cool breezes during wintertime as well regular rainfall all year long.

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